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Please Follow the below Steps for Squareup Module Installation .

1:-Download the Module Zip from your client account and extract it on your pc .
2:- Once you extract you will get a directory named squreup-php 7.2. You will get two Sub directories in that named 'Modules' and second is templates.
upload the modules directory to the root of your whmcs and module files will go to intended location itself .
3:- Template directory have directory named six which include the template file called square which need to be uploaded to your whmcs frontend templates which can be located as yourwhmcs/templates/youractivetemplate.
4:- Now login to your admin area and Go to Payment gateway Setting page as System Setting->Payment Gateway. It may ask you admin password to reach there .

5:-Click on All payment Gateways Tab in the shown Page and all gateway will be listed there ,Search for "Square Gateway" and Click on that to activate the Module .

6:- Now Go to "Manage Existing Gateways" Tab and you can find the Square gateway Setting area . Put in all the Api authetication details along with your module license key (can be found on service details page on our Portal) and you will be Good to Go .

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